Pat Victor – Launching Trigirl in the US

Here at Trigirl we received the first part of our triathlon spring/ summer collection last week. Hurray, just in time for the start of the triathlon season in April! Since we have been distributing our Trigirl triathlon clothing in the UK for a number of years, we decided to take the business to the next level by launching in the USA this season.

Unfortunately, however, the Trigirl brand was already registered by another US company. After negotiations with the US Trigirl trade mark holder failed, there was no other option but to launch under a different brand name, Tri-Eva, in the US. It’s not an ideal situation for any brand but given the small production quantities of the niche market we cater for, it presented us with some unexpected challenges.

It turned out to be impossible to persuade our factory in Portugal to divide the production into two lots, printing Trigirl logos on one set and Tri-Eva on the other. Hence the product was made without any logos and now needs to be branded here in our SK Studio before it can be sent out to customers.

After spending several days at the local printer London Graphics, applying logo heat transfers to some 300 trisuits and re-packaging the suits with branded hang tags, we all hope that the hard work will pay off and that Tri-Eva will be a big success in the States.

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