Yoga Practice at South Kilburn Studios

We are excited to announce that our regular Tuesday night Yoga class is back at South Kilburn Studios. This time it’s run by Emily Matthews.

Emily is an experienced yoga teacher who has studied and practised various styles.

She takes her traditional training and blends it with a contemporary twist, using creative flowing sequences and teaching intuitively to the energy of the class.

Her yoga roots and training come from the Sivananda tradition, and has since also trained with Brian Cooper, Shiva Rea & qualified from the Calm for Kids Teacher Training course.

Emily believes in enjoying your time on the yoga mat. From there you can discover the physical possibilities but more so how the subtle changes that occur through yoga practice opens your heart to spiritual growth and the endless opportunities to reconnect to yourself and others, animals, nature and the planet.

Emily is also a qualified and experienced practitioner, passionate about health and wellbeing. She has accumulated over 10 years experience in body work and healing and combines her skills and knowledge to provide exceptional treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Please visit Emily’s website for more information about her teachings.

Come along to our class on Tuesday nights. We start at 7pm sharp, so please be on time. Emily provides a limited number of yoga mats and blogs. If you have your own, please do bring it along to allow more people to take part.

The cost for one hour of very expert Yoga practice is only £ 8.-

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