Space Hiring

South Kilburn Studios offers the possibility to hire its main space for events and parties. £15 per hour South Kilburn residents – £30 per hour other residents.



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7 Responses to “Space Hiring”
  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    We are interested in booking a studio room for Sunday 6th April. Please could you let me know details. Our event is for around 15 people to discuss a community project, are we are likely to want to meet for the duration of 1pm to 5pm.

    Kind regards

    Hannah Sassoon

  2. priscilla says:

    Dear sir/Madame
    i would like to book space for the 31st night of December 2016 for about 20 plus people
    would you kindly let me know if the space would be available.from 10:30 pm -1:00am
    thank you
    kind regards

  3. Leshae says:

    Hello sir/madam my name is Leshae I was wondering if I could possibly hire the sk studios for the 4th of June for a party that I want to have for my birthday at 6 till 12 if You could that would be very thankful if you

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