Our Tenants

Would you benefit from space to work, meet clients, run events and be part of a creative business community?

Kindly download the application form Application Form – Tenants and email it to southkilburnstudios@gmail.com

In exchange for not paying rent our tenants commit to:

  • train a local person over a three to six month period
  • offer an industry focused series of events or workshops
  • take part in and promote a monthly open studio events
  • support the profile raising and value of the SK Studios project
  • contribute to the legacy, place-making and regeneration of South Kilburn

Daniel Thomas – Photography

10-79 is the creative hub of Daniel Alfonzo Thomas, a multidisciplinary practitioner working across the media of photography, web and graphic design.  Daniel is both a creative director and consultant for digital and printed media.

10-79 works with individuals and businesses to produce visuals for marketing, branding, entertainment and advertisements. This broad range of skills gives the studio an insight into how different media and approaches work and complement each other.  The style of Daniel’s work is bold, contemporary, youthful and decadent.  It draws inspiration from surrounding shapes, colours, landscaped and architectures.

Jamie Akinola – Positive Slogans & Twiss

DSC_6870 (1) (1)Positive Slogans (UK) Ltd specialises in providing printed and embroidered garments. The company was founded in 2009 by Jamie Akinola from South Kilburn. They have been processing and decorating garments in London for several years now, supplying companies and individuals with custom garments with their company logos and designs.
Positive Slogans also believe in social involvement in the community and provide the following services:
· Inter generational Workshops – Embroidery in care homes
· Positive Experience Seminars – Motivational seminars/Embroidery workshops – In educational institutions, Youth Clubs, Churches etc
· Fun days & Festivals – Custom Embroidery/Printing for events (Perfect medium to promote), Children’s birthday parties
They are very versatile, in terms of the services we can provide.


RadioActive Consulting Ltd. – Community Radio Projects

RadioActive radio workshop in South AfricaRadioActive was set up in 2005 by radio engineer and trainer Max Graef to provide equipment, training and technical support to help set up community radio stations. Since then the organisation has expanded to become a group of consultants, trainers and engineers who support the set up of community radio and TV stations and run radio production, radio drama and music recording projects in the UK and around the world.

Their first project involved setting up a radio training centre for the Ibdaa Cultural Centre in Deheisheh Refugee Camp, in Bethlehem in the West Bank. They have gone on to work on over 50 radio, TV and recording projects around the world including Awaaz Radio in High Wycombe, Avenues FM in West London, Loliondo FM in Tanzania, AfroReggaeDigital in Brazil, Millenium TV in Cameroon, Capital FM in The Gambia, Radio Bario in Malaysian Borneo, Radio Kapilvastu in Nepal, Waterberg Waves in South Africa and many others.

For more information about their work please see www.radioactive.org.uk

Musa Jebak

musa4Musa Jebak is a young promising artist who insists there is beauty in all things and it is from these things that he creates his artworks. Fine Art & Photography are his main passions, to which he has had a background in for as far as he can remember with his first mentor being his beloved Father.

Over a number of years, he has since developed his own unique and vibrant style that he uses to present his imagination to you through his work. ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Belonging’ are main themes that have always been close to him, along with the use of colour and juxtapostion. His reason for this is to show the art in an imperfection as he often found his mistakes were his best work. As a perfectionist he found the concept hard to grasp but now he has chosen to embrace it as he has come to realise it is these same imperfections in all of us that make us what we are.


Kit Oates – Photography

Kit is a photographer currently living and working in Kilburn. In 2011 he moved into South Kilburn Studios where he is now based. Kit mentors two local trainee photographers each year from the south Kilburn community.

To find out more or get in touch for a traineeship opportunity visit: www.kitoates.com


Deborah B Design

Deborah is a London based jewellery and leather accessory designer, making unique handmade pieces using silver wire, gemstones and leather. She started her new business very recently, but she’s been making jewellery and leather accessories on and off in the past few years as she always had a passion for making crafts. In addition, she has been doing several courses to learn new techniques. Deborah is planning to sell her products mainly online and occasionally at markets and fairs.






They produce original music for singers and rappers and create commercial music for music libraries and publishing companies. KAS-TRO don’t focus on a single genre, they are really interested in creating unique sounds, working with abstract sounds sources and push the boundaries, especially with their original productions. They take influence from established avant garde music, like electro acustic, music concrete, hip hop and UK based music, trying to incorporate those principles into a more palatable commercial sound. The producers have few releases with several artists coming up, they have recently released original material with Naala, SLK, Moxiie. Also their new EP with their solo adventure KAS-TRO will be out soon.

Listen to their music here: http://soundcloud.com/kas-tro

Volpe D’Oro

Volpe D’ Oro is a fashion design company that specialises in producing exceptionally high quality cashmere jackets and lifestyle products, designed in London and made in Italy using waterproof cashmere. They will produce 888 items this year, every jackets will have a 16 year guarantee and will have a unique and innovative approach to maintaining the life of this exceptional item of clothing. Volpe D’Oro is an idea of classically trained fashion designer Elvira, who has experience with Gucci, Cavalli, and Mulberry to name a few, and Louis, entrepreneur with a corporate background who always worked in sales and marketing.

Volpe d’Oro have made a promise to help nurture, develop and promote artists and designers by providing a platform to present their talents. They will run a number of traineeships opportunities to teach the real design skills.

The LBA – Basketball

Established in 2012, Tony and Ashley are from the South Kilburn Neighbourhood and organise basketball activities throughout London. Their mission is to improve people’s lives through exposing healthier lives styles, qualifications and employment, tackling issues like obesity and crime.

Find out more: www.thelba.co.uk

Your Travel Family – Creative Tourism Services

Creative tourism is travel “directed towards an engaged and authentic experience,” “It’s travel that provides a connection with those who reside in the destination.”

To find out more or get in touch for a traineeship opportunity visit: www.yourtravelfamily.com

VpopV – Video Production

valeKilburn based Video Maker, producer and content creator.

Creating engaging content for broadcast, online and offline audiences on internal and external platforms. Specialise in: video, interviewing skills, producing, directing, client liaison, journalism, writing engaging content, and training.


SK WORKS – Construction Recruitment Agency

A brand new recruitment agency specialising in construction, with the objective of helping South Kilburn residents to find sustainable employment in the construction sector.

MESSIE JESSIE/STUDIO:3 – Fashion & Graphic Design

Kilburn based fashion designer with a background in graphic design. She specialises in modern vintage and hand painted clothing. Also runs Studio: 3, a multi-disciplinary design agency.

AIM (Achieve, Inspire, Motivate) – Empowerment

Aimed at organising and promoting motivational campaigns and events. The business, founded by South Kilburn resident Alex Morrison, also focuses on the creation of merchandise like clothing, leaflets, magazines etc.

Me Time / Play Date

Offering a Fun Filled ‘ME TIME’ service to both Parents and children through the launch of PlayDateUk, by Kilburn resident Tricia Russel. Children will participate with all different types of fun games and activities in a safe environment away from adults. Allowing the parents/guardians to catch their breath and enjoy some quality “MeTime”.

Living Right Limited – Property Management and Landlord

They pride themselves in adding value to the lives of landlords, investors and agents providing landlord’s with a solution that will free them from the headaches that come with being a landlord. The company directors are twin sisters Socha and Sasha Silva Pinto and Melissa Aghimien.  www.livingrightltd.co.uk

Maze Entertainment – Events

Founded and run by South Kilburn resident Joseph Folwell, this business is focused on hosting and planning events taking place mainly in North West London area. They are always trying to do something unique and unusual, they are open to suggestions from the public. To get in touch email: mazeentertainmentuk@hotmail.com

ELITE SPORT AND LEISURE – Training for young people/futsal

eliteBased in Kilburn, Elite Sport & Leisure was founded in 2010. They provide a support service, information to advice and guidance to young people, to fully explore and understand their options regarding career pathways.




Kany Kavuala –  Driving Courses

South Kilburn resident Kany Kavuala helps people with the Driving Course (National Limit Transmission) organising workshops to help residents passing the driving test.

R-tistic Production –  Media production

A business run by South Kilburn resident Renea Mensah. Artistic Production is a media production company that focuses on photography, video production and animation.